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Relax, there’s an
easier way to deal with
workplace savings

Combining best practice e-commerce with
artificial intelligence

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Cushon equips you to support employers with financial wellbeing in the workplace and provides their employees an opportunity to get better outcomes from their savings and investments

We’ve made buying an
investment just like buying
other consumer goods with
easy product selection and
check out

Under the hood we use the
technology a FTSE 100
financial institution would use
to manage their money with
advanced proprietary asset
modelling and optimisation

Our software builds and
monitors personalised
diversified portfolios –
so you don’t have to!

Your own white-labelled workplace savings platform


Over 1,000 funds from 90 fund managers


Payroll deduction and single- sign-on via workplace platforms


Ready made portfolios to suit all types of investor

Guidance not advice:

Less regulatory obligations & a simpler process
for consumers


E-commerce style user experience


Service all employees regardless of their
financial status

24/7 Monitoring:

Automated alerts to keep investors on track


Lower fees and transparent charges

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