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Workplace savings

An easier way for employees to invest and build healthy savings habits direct from pay, no matter what their financial situation.

With financial wellbeing rising up the corporate agenda, reducing pension allowances and an increasing millennial workforce focused on saving for short to mid-term life events, now is the time to consider alternative workplace savings propositions.

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Why include a workplace ISA as an option in your employee benefits package?

Enhance your wellbeing strategy

An effective wellbeing strategy should consider financial wellbeing as
well as physical and mental health

Giving employees the chance to make more of their money

A workplace ISA provides employees an opportunity to get a better
return on their investment than other saving options

Making the complex simple

Buying an investment ISA can be a daunting prospect. Cushon
makes the process simpler and easier

No employer costs

There is no cost for including a workplace ISA as an
option in an employee benefits package

Helping employees take control

Investing their money in a smart way can help employees feel more in
control of their finances and their future, providing a way to save for
things like buying a home, starting a family or ticking things off the
bucket list.

The benefits of Cushon

Simple and impartial
information to demystify ISA

Automated 24/7 monitoring
to keep investments on track

Readymade portfolios of
top-rated funds

Compare more than 90 top
investment providers

Significant discount on
charges to boost investment

Transparent charges and
no hidden fees

Simple and easy to use

Step 1

Choose an investment
and set a target

Step 2

Check personal details
and confirm investment

Step 3

Pay via direct debit
or salary deduction (after tax)

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